Idea inspirer
Incentive intensifier
Sparring partner

gil com promotes, encourages and creates with the aim of expanding people and companies‘ potential for long-term value creation through new perspectives and strengthening their implementation competence.

Joy of discovery

Expanding knowledge – purely a mental matter? It is the heart and mind together that give wings. Creative growth needs space for movement, far from theoretical monotony, so that know-how transfer can truly take place. Lifelong learning is an active process in search of inspiration and valuable impulses. With joy and enthusiasm for new challenges, people with a different way of thinking, foreign cultures, and new technologies.

Claudia Gilhofer | gil com:
„It is in my nature to take unusual paths.”

  • Student of Communication Psychology
  • Creative Planner
  • Certified VR Expertin (XR-C)
  • Certified Future Manager
  • Certified LINC Personality Profiler
  • Design and moderation of futures literacy labs
  • Markencode strategy partner
  • Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator
  • Certified Systemic Business Coach (SBC)® – dvct
  • Communication and Behavioural Trainer (ISO 17024)
  • Member of dvct e.V. – Deutscher Verband für Coaching und Training
    (German Association for Coaching and Training)
  • Creative Director with know-how from decades of experience in marketing and advertising – nationally and internationally
  • Mentor at PWN Vienna and Creative Region Linz & Upper Austria

From solopreneurs to international Companies. B2C und B2B. Any questions? Write to me:


  • Upper Austrian advertising prize (Siemens VAI „Quality begins with People“)
  • BOI „Best of International“ (Siemens VAI „Quality begins with People“ –
    Silver Award / E3 Network International Agencies)
  • Upper Austrian advertising prize (IG-Milch/Kampagne „A faire Milch“ – Bronze)
  • CCA (IG-Milch/Package Design „A faire Milch“ –
    Kudo, Creative Club Austria)
  • State Prize Marketing (für IG-Milch – A faire Milch)
  • IRIS21 – Environment Prize of the City of Linz
    (Initiative ‚Meine.Deine.Gartenzeit‘)
  • dieziwi.21 – Recognition Award as part of the
    Upper Austria state prize for civil society innovation
    (Initiative ‚Meine.Deine.Gartenzeit‘)
Knowledge widens horizons.
Curiosity reveals
what’s hidden.
  • Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Conception
  • Corporate identity
  • Organizational identity
  • Internal communication
  • Mission statement
  • Potential analysis based on the
    BIG FIVE personality test of LINC Personality Profiler
  • Brand analysis based on the system Markencode
  • Target group analysis based on the system Markencode
  • Designing and moderate workshops and futures literacy labs – in the real and virtual world
  • Systemic Business Coaching
  • Online Coaching 

Never stop evolving.
Stay human.

Tool Box

Lego® Serious Play®
Go for it! 70 bis 80 % of the untapped innovation potential is in your hands.

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® innovation method is a facilitated, systemic process that effortlessly combines creativity and efficiency. This method brings clarity, leads to productive meetings, promotes innovative strategies, and effectively supports change processes. With the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, the hands start shaping what the mind doesn‘t know yet. Like search engines, they provide impulses to the brain and actively support the thinking process, enabling new insights and perspectives. Through this effective process, individual, pioneering, and sustainable solutions for complex issues are collaboratively developed. With 100% participation of all participants – guaranteed.

VR – Immersive Virtual Reality Experience
Virtual design and innovation spaces enable the development potential for humans and business to be promoted infinitely further than just over the horizon.

This world intensifies social interactions within groups and significantly enhances intra- and interpersonal communication.

VR offers an immersive experience and can exceptionally simulate complex scenarios and situations in a safe and controlled environment. This promotes a sense of presence and enables a deeper understanding of complicated topics. Business meetings or workshops are enriched with creativity, being efficient, fast and sustainable (forget the travel expenses ,).

Neurobiological connections lead to:

  • 4x faster learning speed
  • 3x higher application security
  • 3,75x higher emotional engagement

Workshop / Training
Facilitated systemic process – tailored to your individual needs and questions.

Main topics:

  • Potential analysis
  • Development and promotion of potential
  • Team development, promotion, and strengthening
  • Process optimization
  • Building and promoting leadership competence
  • Developing new business ideas and strategies
  • Effective support and guidance during change processes
  • Strengthening team culture
  • Optimizing team performance
  • Promoting creativity, new perspectives, and sustainable solutions
  • Developing corporate or organizational identity
  • Design Thinking & Customer orientation / developing extraordinary, user-oriented product & service solutions and unlocking new potentials

Futures literacy lab
Method for strategic foresight

In the 4-phase model, future scenarios are developed in individual steps, hidden assumptions of the futures are made visible, and concrete action recommendations and measures for the present are revealed.

The lab design is tailored individually to your specific field of interest.

BIG FIVE personality test
LINC Personality Profiler
Effective personality development and potential development using the BIG FIVE personality test from LINC – implemented according to the latest psychological standards.

  • LINC Personality Profiler
  • LPP Team Check
  • LINC Career Profiler
  • LPP third-party appraisal
  • LPP Candidate Check
  • Culture_ID

Evaluation and analysis.

Determination of the core identity and interactions of brands, target groups, products or teams on the basis of value spaces using the „Markencode“ strategy and simulation system.

  • Personality profile
  • Interdependencies
  • Positioning

Evaluation and analysis.

Systemisches Business Coaching
Temporary sparring partner – to promote personal and leadership skills.

Coaching is a goal-oriented, appreciative, time-limited, collaborative support and assistance. It is tailored to your immediate concern. You are the expert for the solution and responsible for your decision. I am an expert in the process. My goal is to make myself redundant as quickly as possible. When there is a human chemistry match, it is the best prerequisite for a fruitful collaboration.

For self-reflection, personal development, empowerment for challenging decisions – to promote targeted new perspectives and solutions.

For executives, team leaders, employees – for people who want to change or enhance their quality of life.

  • Systemic, constructivist approach
  • Result and solution-oriented conversation

Individual sessions and/or online meetings via Zoom or Teams.


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Lassen Sie Ihren Gedanken freien Lauf und kennzeichnen Sie dann den Level Ihrer Erkenntnis mit dem Impulszeichen auf der Skala. Bereit für die nächste Frage?


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Lassen Sie Ihren Gedanken freien Lauf und kennzeichnen Sie dann den Level Ihrer Erkenntnis mit dem Impulszeichen auf der Skala. Bereit für die nächste Frage?